Henry Irwin
Early Years
1841 - 1868
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Early years
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Henry Irwin was born on 21st January, 1841 in Tarbett, County Kerry in the Southwest of Ireland. He was the eldest son of the Venerable Henry Irwin, Archdeacon of Killukin, County Roscommon.

He had a younger brother, Benjamin, born 1st November, 1842, who became a priest, two sisters, Frances Elizabeth, born 5th February, 1848 and Mary Millicent, born 24th March, 1850. Two further younger brothers were also born, William John, born 5th February, 1852, who died at the age of ten and Alfred Macdonald Bulteel born 26th December, 1853 who was awarded a knighthood (?for services in Burma)

Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (date unknown)

1864 Entry into the Office Survey of Coastguard Buildings, Department of Public Works, The Admiralty as M.I.C.E
1866 Public Works Department (PWD), Ceylon
1868 Public Works Department (PWD), India
24th August, 1871 At the age of 30 he married Henrietta Helen née Irwin (!), daughter of Reverend Robert Irwin of Rathcore, County Meath, also in Ireland. The location of the wedding is unknown.
1872 Executive Engineer, Nagpur and Central Province
5th April, 1873 The first children born to the couple were twins, Henrietta Elizabeth Anne Cairns and Helen Frances Mary Bulteel . Their birthplace is unrecorded, presumably Nagpur or its hill station, Pachmari, which also applies to the next two children.
23rd May, 1874 the third child, a son, Harloe Alfred Tayloe O'Callaghan was born.
3rd July, 1875 another son Henry Robert John Bloomfield was born.