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Christ Church:
While in Pachmari, Henry designed the Christ Church of which he was a parishioner. Vikram Bhatt quotes from "The Church Records" and an interview with Father Benjamin Lal. The work on the church started in 1880 and was completed in 1882. The south transept and tower were later additions[5]. He describes the church as a "small, but beautifully crafted edifice. Its red and gold sandstone (native to the region) and a stunning set of stained glass windows give a unique glow to the interior."

Built in 1875 (?) by the British, this church has a fascinating architecture; its 'Sanctum Sanctorum ' has a hemispherical dome on top with its ribs ending with faces of angels. The stained glass panes adorning the walls and rear of the altar, imported from Europe present a gorgeous view as sun rays pass through them. [Pachmari tourism site]

{Christ Church, Pachmari} {Window, Christ Church, Pachmari}
Christ Church, Pachmari, MP, India Window in Christ Church, Pachmari

In a "Guide to Pachmari" issued in 1923 by the CP Government Press in Nagpur reference is made to the location Irwin Point so named in honour of the Executive Engineer in the town in 1881 [10].

Family events during the period:

7th November, 1876 Hilda Kathleen Josephine Hinde was born in Pachmari, a hill station in the Central Provinces of India (now Madya Pradesh).
20th April, 1878 Honora Alice Caroline Purdon was born (presumably in Pachmari)
27th June, 1879 Heatherbell Jeanie Millicent Standish was born (presumably in Pachmari).
23rd January, 1881 Hope Helena Catherine Call was born and christened in Pachmari , according to her daughter Elizabeth Carr
1881 Moved to Simla