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Recent activities

Recent activities have included:
At the Hand Therapy Congress in Strasburg November 2001 I held a paper entitled "Sudeck was right - the consequences for therapy" - in German.
In June 2002 at the WFOT congress in Stockholm I again spoke about my research into Sudeck Distrophy or CRPS as it is better known today - in English.
At the congress of the German Society for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation held in conjunction with the German Association of Occupational Therapists in Hannover in October 2002 I held a paper on my research into CRPS.

An article on this subject was published in the Journal of the German Association of Hand Therapists.
In December 2002 I was one of the OTs from Germany, Britain, T the Netherlands and Israel holding a seminar on OT in Minsk in Belarus (White Russia). This was the start of the training of the first occupational therapists in Belarus. One OT, Ulrike Dürrbeck, has been there many times and had done a great deal of ground work both there and in Germany to raise funds and find people and make this possible.  The group completed the training in December 2004.  They are now trying to form an association.  

In March 2004 I was invited to hold a seminar on occupational therapy intervention with clients suffering from chronic pain at the annual general meeting of the Austrian Association of Occupational Therapists in Speyer.

In September 2004 I had a poster at the European Congress of OT in Athens showing the structure of the OT course at the Europa Fachhochschule Fresenius.


At the World Congress of Occupational Therapy in 2006 in Sydney I particpated in an open panel to share our experiences at the Europa Fachhochschule Fresenius of sending students to do fieldwork in other countries.  I  also  displayed a poster concerning assessment methods used with clients suffering from rheumatic conditions, especially arthritis, in the hands.

Most recently I was involved in three presentations at the 2008 European Congress of OT in Hamburg:

  • A workshop on pain management
  • A workshop on the use of the Kawa Model (www.kawamodel.org/)
  • A paper of the importance of change at a political level for the continued development of occupational therapy in Europe.


In the last six yearsI have held workshops and seminars on the role of the occupational therapist in the treatment of clients suffering from chronic pain conditions as well as the treatment of clients suffering from CRPS in many parts of Germany.

I am also a member of the training team for the German OT assessement tool 'Ergotherapeutisches Assessment' (www.ergoas.de/